Walking festival attracts 7,500 students and parents

The Milo Walking Festival 2023 with the theme “Inspiring the will for a dynamic journey” has attracted the participation of a large number of parents and local students.
On the morning of March 19, leaders of Nghe An province, representatives of Nestlé Vietnam and students, teachers and parents gathered at Ho Chi Minh square, Vinh city ready to participate in Milo Walking Festival 2023.
The event responds to the Olympic Running Day for the Health of the People in Nghe An Province, and at the same time marks the 10-year journey of Nestlé Milo to receive the enduring will of more than 100,000 students across the country, joining hands with the Departments of Culture and Sports sports, the Department of Education and Training in many provinces and cities, bringing the festival to the community.
“The atmosphere of the event shows that the dynamic spirit and passion for sports are always present in the young generation. Nestlé Milo has constantly made efforts to join hands for the comprehensive development of Vietnamese children through organizing organizing a series of diverse sports activities, helping children improve their physical health and form a strong will – important things to succeed in life”, said Ms. Philomena Tan, Milo and Dairy Product Manager , Nestlé Vietnam shared.

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