Dishonest 5 female students beat friends on the podium

5 female students in 6th grade beat friends on the podium, filmed a video, and were downgraded for their 2nd semester conduct, from good to average.

On March 24, Xuan Hiep Secondary School, Tra On District, said that among these, the female student who hit her friend directly with a helmet had to change to another class. The whole year I was not considered to emulate this school year.

“The children are still young, impulsive and have admitted wrongdoing, committed not to repeat the offense, so if they are suspended for many weeks, it will affect their learning results,” said Nguyen Thanh Cong, the principal. According to Mr. Cong, now is the end of the school year, the school is worried that the students will not be able to supplement their knowledge, so they agree on the above discipline to deter them.

Mr. Cong said the girl who was beaten has recovered and returned to school. The families of the students involved agree with the school’s action.
The incident happened at recess on the afternoon of March 7 at class 6/5 at Xuan Hiep Secondary School. In the video, which is more than 7 minutes long, a female student holding a helmet repeatedly hits a female classmate on the head and back on the podium. Three other female students also rushed to punch and kick, causing the victim to hold her head and cry and beg. Many students stood cheering, while the female class president took a video.

The cause is said to be that the victim lent 20,000 VND to a female student in this group and told some other friends.

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