Walking festival attracts 7,500 students and parents

The Milo Walking Festival 2023 with the theme “Inspiring the will for a dynamic journey” has attracted the participation of a large number of parents and local students.
On the morning of March 19, leaders of Nghe An province, representatives of Nestlé Vietnam and students, teachers and parents gathered at Ho Chi Minh square, Vinh city ready to participate in Milo Walking Festival 2023.

11th grade male student gets perfect SAT score

Hoang Vuong Lam Bach, 17 years old, achieved a perfect SAT score of 1600/1600 when the exam was first held on a computer in Vietnam.

A grade 11 male student specializing in Chemistry, Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted took part in the computer-based SAT exam in Vietnam on March 11.

With a score of 1600/1600 (800 points in Reading and Writing; 800 points in Math), Bach is among the few students in the world to get a perfect score on this test. According to the College Board, which owns the SAT, in 2022, only 8% of Asian candidates will score 1,400 points or more. From 1480, candidates are ranked in the top 1% of SAT scores in the world.