11th grade male student gets perfect SAT score

Hoang Vuong Lam Bach, 17 years old, achieved a perfect SAT score of 1600/1600 when the exam was first held on a computer in Vietnam.

A grade 11 male student specializing in Chemistry, Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted took part in the computer-based SAT exam in Vietnam on March 11.

With a score of 1600/1600 (800 points in Reading and Writing; 800 points in Math), Bach is among the few students in the world to get a perfect score on this test. According to the College Board, which owns the SAT, in 2022, only 8% of Asian candidates will score 1,400 points or more. From 1480, candidates are ranked in the top 1% of SAT scores in the world.

Receiving the results on the evening of March 24, Bach showed it off immediately to his parents, teachers, and friends. “I couldn’t believe it, I was so nervous in the exam room because it was my first time taking the SAT,” Bach shared.
The male student said he started studying for the SAT at the beginning of December last year and used to get 1590 points on the mock test. However, Bach is not sure about the score because since March, the SAT is being held on a computer for the first time in Vietnam with many changes.

The test lasted 134 minutes, 46 minutes less than before, and consisted of two parts: Reading-Writing and Mathematics. Each exam content is divided into two modules of equal length. The total number of questions on the test is 98, of which 54 are in the Reading-Writing section and 44 in the Math section.

“The SAT on the computer is very stressful. The test types are different from the paper-based review,” Bach acknowledged.

According to Bach, candidates must complete the Reading and Writing test first, then Math, the questions are designed with increasing difficulty. In the first part, the male students found that the questions fell on a variety of topics, from scientific research to social and literary issues.

“Each question will be a short passage of 25-150 words instead of many questions for a long reading like before. I was most impressed with the question about the classic work ‘The Call of the Wild'”, Bach remembers. again. Since he has read it, it is not difficult for male students to find the corresponding material.

In the Math section, Bach said that the difficulty level was equivalent to that of Grade 9, Grade 10 Math in Vietnam. In the test, there is usually a form of finding x, graphs, and functions, allowing candidates to use calculators. Therefore, the part about finding x is easiest to score if the candidate has computer skills, according to Bach. The most difficult problem for male students is the requirement to find the total measure of 4 angles, must apply a lot of knowledge about complementary angles, opposite angles, and auxiliary angles to solve.

During the test, when faced with a difficult or stressful question, Bach often closed his eyes for about 15-30 seconds to calm down.

Bach said he was surprised with the score because he had not prioritized the SAT at this time. The male student is currently on the team to compete for excellent students in Chemistry, participates in many extra-curricular activities such as the baseball club or the school’s English Talent Day event.

Every day, Bach spends one to one and a half hours studying. Male students believe that doing a variety of exercises and practicing problem solving skills is the key to effective exam preparation. In addition to tutoring, Bach uses free SAT study materials on Khan Academy and practice tests on several websites.

In order to review the Reading and Writing sections well, Bach pays attention to grammar theories to make sure he doesn’t write wrong structures. The male student “designs” his life around English by reading news, watching videos, documents in this language to increase his vocabulary. With the Math part, I think it’s not too difficult in terms of knowledge, so I should focus on learning related terms and vocabulary.
Ms. Le Phuong Hoa, a SAT teacher in Hanoi, said she was impressed with the image of a male student sitting neatly near the back of the class, with test scores always “surprisingly” high.

“Bach is smart, hard-working, disciplined and always makes efforts. Bach has good self-study ability and high concentration, listens hard to adjust the method of studying and doing lessons”, Ms. Hoa commented.

Bach believes that achieving good results in study not only comes from his own efforts, but also because he has a lot of support from family, teachers and friends in grade 11 Chemistry 1. Currently the average score of boys She won the third prize in Hanoi’s high school chemistry competition, won the first prize in the district and city science competitions, and won a silver medal at the IMC 2019 international math competition. in South Africa.

With a perfect SAT score, the male student will target American universities when applying later this year, choosing to pursue Chemical Engineering.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a test of natural, social, logical thinking, used by many universities and colleges in the US and many countries around the world as an admission criterion.

Before Lam Bach, Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted had 3 students who won perfect scores in this test. That was Tran Dinh Quan in 2019 when he was a 10th grader majoring in Mathematics; Nguyen Manh Quan, a 12th grader majoring in Physics in 2021, and Le Thuy Linh, a 12th grader majoring in Mathematics in 2022.

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